Post on a Rest Day

The title for this project relates to a cassette tape I drove around with for years and haven’t seen for a few decades. Esther de Waal writes about establishing balance and rhythm in daily life in effort to manage the demands and pulls of the modern world, drawing from (of all things) the writings of St. Benedict. I can’t remember exactly what she says but the gist of it is that with every step we take we cycle from in balance, to out of balance. There are a number of ways of looking at this. We hover off the ground for a split second before briefly transferring our weight onto one foot. We spring off the ground, then transfer weight onto the other foot. In balance, out of balance, in balance out, of balance.

A primary theme of this project is balance and rhythm. Today is a rest day. I’m writing and getting ready for the start of the semester. At any one moment we are “in” any number of rhythms. The rhythm of the day. A monthly cycle (or not). The rhythm of relationships and intimacy. Internal rhythms ( heart, respiration, hormones…etc) For those of us who teach or have school aged children (or both), there is the rhythm of the school year. The rhythm of training ( Fall marathons, Spring marathons, even the rhythm of races around Richmond: the Monument Ave 10k, the Shamrock Marathon, The Patrick Henry Half…etc).

It’s after lunch. I have a few hours of time to myself (to work— write, research, collects and organize) before picking Henry up from camp. Things will speed up. And then wind down again as we prepare for bed, to prepare for a good night’s sleep, to prepare for a 7 mile run tomorrow.


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