7 mile run this morning felt more like about 10 or 12 or more. At 4 miles I was wondering how I’ll ever run 10 tomorrow, or—even worse—16 next week. One more thing that takes discipline is to stop thinking (and fretting) about another day’s run when I’m in the middle of the present run. I have no idea what I’ll feel like next Sunday let alone tomorrow. A dance teacher citing Luigi, an innovator in Jazz dance technique, encouraged us to be attentive to what our body could do THAT day. To respect that our body was constantly in flux—some unique combination (with varying degrees) of stamina, strength, flexibility, speed …etc. It’s hard when the body doesn’t have much give. I felt tired and groggy for hours after my run. A cup of coffee mid day helped. That, and a long game of checkers with Henry, who beat me just when I was being cocky and thought I had him. I didn’t see how I’d left myself open for him to take two of my last three kings. Ironically my regular (not-running) watch had been through the wash and was both stopping and running slow and that contributed to my feeling like the day was dragging.

I just read that the wild fire in the Great Dismal Swamp is responsible for poor air quality. Some reports were warning folks with respiratory illness to stay inside. Maybe that explains the difficult run. Or maybe the humidity. Or maybe I’m not eating enough. I might need to feed myself more. More carbs, more fat, more protein, more calories. It’s at this point in the training when eating become less an enjoyable experience and more of a job. I know that sounds awful.


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