Fitting things in/fitting into things

I missed the group run yesterday when I couldn’t find a sitter for Henry (with Don out of town until later in the day), not that I tried that hard. I was relieved—but sorry for those at the stadium ready to head out—to hear the heavy rain falling on the skylight. It was just a ten mile for the long run and I figured I could work that in somewhere. I still felt depleted from yesterday and the morning coffee did little to wake me up. I was feeling a little dark and low but it was Sunday and Henry was getting restless. Mid afternoon I suggested we go to the VCU gym climbing wall and that got his interest. We spent some time in the pool before the wall opened. I thought I’d just switch my x-training day with the long run and did about ten laps but my heart wasn’t in it and I felt pulled to be playing with Henry in the other pool. I was moody and sulky. We changed and went upstairs to sign out harnesses and shoes and it turned out my old size 4 climbing shoes were smaller than the smallest shoes they had for kids. So I passed them on to my son and took out a pair for myself. Just putting on the shoes began to lift me from my funk. I do miss climbing deeply and I’m ambivalent at having closed what was for several years a major part of my life. With Henry that might be something that comes full circle. Who I was as a climber must somehow play into this story. Maybe I’ll be brave enough to write about that some day.

I headed out the door at 6:45 for my scheduled ten mile run. My hamstring has been bothering me on and off and it hurt during the first mile. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to run the distance. By mile 3 I felt okay. And by the midpoint in my run I actually felt great: a strong, relaxed and sustained rhythm. Exactly what I would hope for on a long run. On the last mile my other leg was starting to hurt. I’m not at all committed to a fast time for the Richmond Race. I just want to enjoy it (and not be injured). I don’t think I can put as much effort into the speed work I did in the Spring with so much on my plate right now: this project, designing a couple dozen signs for the Folk Festival in October, and classes to prepare for. I’m surprised I’m not more stressed.


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