Chilly Hands

Who else was out at 6 am this morning? Wasn’t it perfectly gorgeous? It was dark and chilly. This weather brought me back to New England with the sudden cool, crisp air.

It wasn’t so long ago the warm, very humid air from the tropics made for a very damp run. Last Saturday we were in Maryland for a wedding and the three of us (Don, Henry and I) drove out to the Annapolis and Baltimore bike path. They rode; I ran. I felt a little like a dog on a leash but Henry (my 8 year old, for those who don’t know him) would call out to me every couple miles, “Mom, do you want water?” and then hand me his water bottle as I ran up beside him. We did a swift and very hot 9 miles.

This morning felt great from the start. Normally the first few blocks uphill from my house are a hard wake up, but this morning I felt like a happy pup. (Did I mention we got a dog? Last Sunday. I’ll post a photo of her.) At 6 am it was still dark and as I crossed over the Nickel Bridge the sun was rising over the city and the river glowed indigo and orange. An hour later when I ran back across, the sky had turned soft blue with salmon colored wispy clouds in the east. It’s impossible to describe color. A friend once said that she felt like she was in a movie when she ran across the bridge.

My neighbor described to me a few days ago how she woke up at 5:30 and texted her running partner that she just couldn’t do it. I’ve been going a little easy on myself as well. Today I did the 9 (with some extra) scheduled for Wednesday. But I’ve had deadlines this week and I felt for days like I was on the verge of coming down with something. I chose, instead of following the schedule, to follow my better judgment and take extra care of my body. The next month and a half is the most demanding part of the training and I want to do what I can to be prepared for it. As always, I am weighing what needs to happen at work and with my students, with my family and what needs to happen next with this project. I have papers to grade, e-mail to answer, contacts to make, grants to apply for, a design project to get off to the fabricator, and a new dog to walk.
And dinner. It’s a triumph of nurturing if I can put together something more creative than burgers on the grill.


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