rain dog rain

Much of the week preceding a long run is a preparation. This Sunday is the first of three planned 20 milers. Right now I’d making sure I’m drinking a lot of water spiked with vitamin C, and trying to tease my immune system into action. I don’t really have a cold but I might possibly be verging on one, or I might be imagining that I could be on the verge of one. I was up at 5:30 on Wednesday, with the hope of getting in a 10 mile run and making it home to help Don with the morning routine and see Henry off to school but…

…stop the presses. As I was writing this, putting off for a few minutes several projects with deadlines today, Delila starting whimpering at the top of the stairs. I steeped outside, saw that the rain had let up and dashed back up stairs to change into my running clothes. Priorities. The reports could wait a half hour. D. has suddenly shifted from a somewhat reserved but very alert dog to a very frisky and energetic pup. We did a very fast two miles in the sometimes-drizzle and now I back in front of my keyboard, stretched, cleaned and relaxed.

… about Wednesday. As soon as I stepped at 6, I stopped to chat with a neighbor (because friends are important), then after a quick mile with the dog I ran into another neighbor who wanted to check in about a music project this weekend at the market. It was 6:30 by the time I dropped the dog back off and set up on my own pace. The plan was to circle back home after 5 miles, drink something and check in with the family, then go back out for another 5 but by the time I got to Byrd park I had hit a great stride and I just wanted to keep my pace, so I did the full 10 and missed seeing the family. Later I asked don about it and he honestly was fine with whatever I did. Maybe I try to over-plan around my family. Don is almost always much more flexible and accommodating than I expect. I hope I never expect him to accommodate me, but I am grateful for how much he does.

As for that impending cold, I’m pretty sure it’s more idea than manifest.
I’m wondering if I’ll be running 3 hours in the rain on Sunday. But right now I really have to get back to work.


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