Ice in the freezer

Last day of taper: Ice in the freezer and hay in the barn

Nervous and excited. Grateful for beautiful weather. Hat or sunglasses… I don’t like wearing glasses even to sit in my kayak or my car. Is that a clue? And, oh yes, I have never in almost 40 years run with sunglasses so that sort of closes that debate. But that just opens the door for another obsession. Pants at the starting line to throw away or to pack in a checked bag?

I will probably be curious months from now what was going on this week:
Little things were flaring up but really nothing substantial. Morton’s neuroma bugged me a little on Tuesday. My left quad had been feeling tight but my chiropractor has given me the thumbs up and seems to think everything is moving well. This helps. I’ve been drinking as much as I can (water, water, tea, water) and packing in the carbs. I don’t think I did this much before Sugarloaf, so I’m wondering if this will make any difference.
I haven’t been drinking much coffee this week; mainly because I’m not sleeping all that well and I don’t seem to need any more help to keep me awake at night. I’ve read that if you lay off the caffeine for a few days, that extra boost in the gel can be even more effective.

It’s the obsessing about the little things that is certainly nervous energy at its worst. I think what I need most is to head out to pick up my packet, lay out all my race clothes, and sit.
…more later


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