Returning to work

It’s a little painful to get back into this. Or, very painful. After the November marathon and my Boston qualifier, I lost my focus. I was afraid I wasn’t getting the material I needed. I was afraid I was getting the material I needed but I needed more. I was afraid I didn’t know how to build a strong enough story. This is just some of what I’m now trying to ignore and just get back to work. I have a deadline in April to show a rough cut and that is what I need to get back to work. At this point, the blog takes a turn. It’s more about the process of this project, and less about my running. Although, I’ve never let up on that. I’m training well and ran a fine 15k last month. I’m looking forward to my first 1/2 marathon in a few weeks. I’d like to try to split this blog into two parts 1) the process of building this documentary and 2) my own training (which is more for my own documentation). One is about the design process, the other is just about running. Right now I have two long interviews to log and transfer and while that’s happening I can get a violin practice in. It might sound like I have a lot going on. It feels like I try to juggle to much, and I believe I’m not too good at that.