Why do this? Why do documentary work? It comes down to a very basic belief that story-telling/sharing stories/telling, is a profound means for us to find meaning in our own lives. To connect. To understand. To teach. I know this on one level as it’s the very first thing I address in a documentary class. But it’s one thing to know it intellectually and another to feel it when I wonder about the value of all the time I’m spending. And, I feel a sense of responsibility to those who have allowed me into their homes, or openly shared their stories and experiences.

I’m off to D.C. for a half marathon this weekend. No work. Just my own story for a few days. Don and Henry will hardly notice I’m gone.


editor needed

ugh.. I need an editor for my posts. I read them after I post them + think…why don’t I catch all those mistakes before I publish a post. I hope you don’t mind too much…



Going through interviews and pulling out pieces onto a time line. Storing recurring themes in my head. The process has a fine logic to it. First just listen and collect ideas. Themes resonate as I listen to one interview on top of another.

The next step is to be more methodical. Label every clip and collect like clips into bins. It’s no so different from any sorting task. The filter is my own experience. What I see in a statement is a reflection as my own experiences and point of view. Another editor might hear the same clip and put it into another category. I might hear Janice talk about teaching yoga and I would see that as an issue of “balance”, someone else might put that into an entirely different category (I can only guess).

Here is a rough list of common themes:
Work/Mental clarity

Issues I hope to collect:
Dealing with limitations: injury
??? I won’t know yet what I am need to collect until I’ve carefully archived all the edited interviews and spend more time writing out my own experiences and expectations. It’s what I ask of my students but I haven’t taken the time yet to do that…

Did I mention the challenges of balance? I’ve been training for my first half marathon on Saturday. I have no time to write about this, though. It’s such an easy training by comparison with a full marathon. So there’s that. And music. I need at least 45 minutes at night to practice my violin (I have a lesson in a half hour). And classes. At least I have a break form classes this week. E-mails.More e-mails. Projects in the works, this one in particular. Taxes. I may or may not get to them. And a check to send off to Poseidon for Henry’s swim clinic. And dinner tonight. And the garden. The dog needs walking.