Unsteady and slow? The creative process, or why I run marathons.

Here it goes. I’m working with this project bit by bit, piece by piece. Can it possibly be more inefficient?

This is my first attempt at my introductory V/O… There is a lot I’m figuring out on my own. I’m a slow and unsteady learner.

Creating this film, documenting women who as they age continue to train hard and run marathons, has been more demanding than any marathon I’ve run. After every training run there is the satisfaction of a task completed: a distance, a time, a pace…, at the other side of the finish line there’s a medal, a party, a hot bath. It counterbalances a life normally a little too scattered, maybe way too easily distracted, and almost always pulled in many directions at once. A parent, a spouse, and during the school year— a teacher—. Running is one thing I do—something I’ve done for more than 40 years—I don’t have to think hard about. I put on my shoes and run out the door.

Even still, I am pulled to consider the needs of others around me. Will I be back in time to help Don get Henry ready for school? The dog started putting on weight. She gazes up at me longingly when she sees me lacing up my running shoes and if it’s not too hot and I’m not planning too long a run, I’ll bring her with me.

Some runners I know are consistent. I am not. Every day is different. Training for a marathon provides a structure and a focus towards something concrete.


Training for and running marathons is inseparable from the challenges and limits of aging: we build endurance, and patience and humility. And the end of a run, the personal rewards keep us moving.  


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