About The Project

Welcome and thank you!

This is the start of a documentary project to collect and share stories of women endurance athletes who are redefining “middle age”. This project seeks to honor the accomplishment to build a life balancing work/career with family, with the challenges of maintaining and training for highly-demanding endurance sports. Middle age once held the stigma of aging and decline but for our generation it signifies strength, wisdom, patience and intelligence to overcome obstacles and injury.


2 thoughts on “About The Project

  1. I think this is fantastic and I love hearing about what others deal with and handle on a daily basis. How do women do what we do, day in and day out? At some point we have found something to give us that energy…you know what that it…it is that thing that keeps us going through an 8 hour work day, allowing time to play with the kids and animals, prepare, eat, and clean up from dinner, help get homework done, and still have the mental awareness to remember those clothes in the dryer that are ready to wrinkle! Running has become more than a discipline; it is a way of life. I can’t imagine what I would do without it! I imagine we have all stopped at some point and reminded ourselves why we push ourselves as hard as we do, still smile and say it is fun! Because we are mentally, physically, emotionally healthier! Run on, ladies! And, run strong! ~Robi

    • laundry… I must have too many clothes. I do far too much laundry. And vacuuming? I’m much faster at vacuuming these days. That part about pushing ourselves… it is fun. I totally agree.

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